Dynamic-directional pad Dvectis MAN is primarily intended to help with rehabilitation of anus, genitalia, hemorrhoids, anorectal wall defects, pelvis and tailbone fractures and similar like postoperative conditions, that require minimal contact. Dvectis MAN is designed to direct muscle tension generated by dynamic sitting into deep abdominal muscles and therefore contributes to reduce the rehabilitation time of these conditions. Dvectis MAN is suitable for wheelchairs and adaptive seating.

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Strengthens deep back muscles

Strengthens deep abdominal muscles

Strengthens gluteal (buttocks) muscles

Strengthens the pelvic floor (spontaneously)

Increases calories consumption while sitting

Activates and supports brain activity

Activates blood circulation and lymphatic system

For people after traumatic conditions of the coccyx

For people suffering from haemorrhoids

Size 16.14 x 14.96 x 1.96 inches
Capacity 550 pounds


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